What you do

  • Come up with a great idea (All you)

  • Tell us about it by answering questions (Confidentially)

  • Do some research to build your story (We'll tell you how)

  • Repeat (3 Stages - Validate, Build & Launch)


How we help you

  • Curate resources, tools & knowledge to help you build a solid value proposition

  • Offer tools and templates to create a modern business plan

  • Guide you throughout the process with regular tips & advice

  • Access to a community of entrepreneurs and innovators

  • Network of Mentors to advise on certain areas

  • Accelerator program to take your business to the next level

  • Investor Matchmaking for select businesses

  • We give back to 'Entrepreneurs in Need' in third world countries on your behalf

  • All your data is yours and kept private unless you share your business plan with us


Why we do it? 

"We are on a mission to help entrepreneurs around the world regardless of status, access to resources, background, gender or race. By democratizing the knowledge in hubs like Silicon Valley and New York, we can create sustainable investable businesses that help change the world"