VR: The Future of Meetings with MeetingRoom.io

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At a recent Idea 2 Scale meetup we hosted, we chose the theme of VR as there has been a lot of hype in this space recently. We welcomed guest speaker Jonny Cosgrove of collaboration company meetingRoom. Jonny, the serial entrepreneur gave a fantastic wide-ranging talk on his journey to date, where Meeting Room is at and what the future holds for Virtual Reality (VR). Here a few key takeaways I noted:


  • Jonny and his team are spread across the world. They solved a problem they were experiencing themselves as video calling wasn’t reliable and travelling wasn’t an option. Solving an authentic problem you relate to gives you the motivation and understanding to see it through.


  • “You're always validating. Product market fit is always evolving based on customer feedback.” - I love this pragmatic approach. meetingRoom really exemplify the Lean startup approach of "Build, Measure, Learn"


  • “Don't just raise money for the sake of it. Know exactly what you're raising for. What's the job to be done?” meetingRoom have bootstrapped to keep everyone on their toes and allocate resources effectively


  • Interestingly, meetingRoom are saving the planet by reducing travel for meetings around the world – something I hadn’t considered. The technology could also lead a shift away from urban centres increasing work life balance for employees. You no longer need to commute long distances for meetings in city centres. As someone launching a rural co-working space on the outskirts of Dublin, this certainly resonates with me!  


  • They currently have a team of 9 and everyone has been interviewed remotely except 1 person who was in Dublin. In a virtual meeting room, no-one knew the gender, age or race of the interviewees eliminating bias


  • The HTC Vive Focus headset could be a tipping point for VR & meetingRoom given its wireless functionality and ease of use. The key is getting people to try VR. You really have to see it to believe it


  • When having business development meetings, rather than follow up the next day, as is standard practice, reach out a week later. They will have had time to digest what was discussed and consider if there is a need or not. This gives you more qualified leads. Otherwise you will get biased results as the person you just met will want to be nice to you or are still in shock from trying VR for the first time


  • When working out pricing strategy, a good approach can be to ask customers what does that usually cost you? Then work back from there to form pricing based on value


Thanks again to Jonny for his time and to everyone who came on the night. If you’re interested in coming to the next one, join the group here. Reach out to meetingRoom or Jonny if you want to try their technology and learn how you could save money and increase productivity.

Danny O Brien